Inktober 2016 - Dungeon Crawl

InkTober Epilogue


Having conquered the dungeon, I return to the light of day and reflect upon the past month’s adventure. As I sit down and look through all 31 drawings, I realise how important drawing challenges are.

A month ago, I was wondering what inking with a brush pen would be like. Would a regular practice teach me anything in only 31 days? Would the medium suit my drawing style and habits? Would I make a fool of myself? Would it be worth it? The creatures I have depicted certainly are good representations of the challenges I faced. Some monsters were slain, others met with less assertiveness but all allowed me to walk on with some experience gained.

Every day, I sat down to sketch and ink one monster from the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. With each inked drawing, I plunged valiantly into the ice cold pool, never looking back. Here and there I tried to fix errors only by adding more ink. Some days proved more difficult than others; my hand being a little heavier at times, a little more precise at others. After each encounter however, I felt slightly more confident, thinking about what experiences, mistakes and small victories could be drawn from the battle just fought.

Here is a selection of my efforts. To view all of them, please check out my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page.

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Inktober Conclusion

While a master’s skills cannot be gained over any short period of time, the refreshing aspect of a challenge such as Inktober is that it gives artists like myself the opportunity (or maybe the excuse) to wander into the unknown. What have I gained? Well, if anything, it confirmed that this kind of inking is as much fun as I had hoped! I have a long way to go before I can apply this technique with confidence and skill but I feel as though yet another door to artistic fulfilment has been opened. Beyond the dungeon lies a new realm full of treasures waiting to be unravelled!

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