My name is Wouter F. Goedkoop and I am a creative with over 20 years of experience in the fields of graphic design and visual storytelling.

I help people and companies connect with their audience in meaningful ways by telling relevant and impactful stories.


I have developed worflows that are both traditional and digital. My interests have led me to constantly explore new avenues of artistic discovery.

I illustrate in pencil, ink, watercolour and with a variety digital tools.

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Over the years, I have been involved in numerous projects, including web design, illustration, corporate identity and entertainment design.

I specialise in logo and print design with a strong focus on their storytelling capabilities.

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Sometimes I take the time to tell my own stories as the creator, writer and illustrator of independently published graphic novels, comics and short stories.

All my publications can be found online in digital and print form.

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Who is Wouter?


Lifelong Learner

I am always on the lookout for a creative challenge while building on my strengths and acquired experience. I approach every project with a strong problem solving attitude, enthusiasm, dedication, an aptitude to think beyond general trends and, last but not least, a cheerful disposition. Aside from my design activities, I also create and self-publish graphic novels, comic strips and short stories, both digitally & in print.



Nothing is black and white, it's all about finding the right amounts of each ingredient to make the sauce taste just right. Ideas can be generated organically, bubbling in a slow simmering concoction; or they can be gathered and assembled like building blocks to create a cohesive whole. Either way, you need the right elements and a good foundation.


Creating, drawing, interacting, feeling, sharing, looking, seeing, hearing, experiencing.

Design is all these things, and then some more. I create for others to experience and interact. What would be the point of being creative if you can’t share it?


Work traditionally and digitally. I embrace digital media but I also enjoy the tactile quality of print. I master the following software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Clip Studio Paint, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Motion, Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer as well as general productivity tools. I also strive to learn Zbrush but that is work in progress.


To tell stories, in any shape or way possible. A 56 page graphic can tell a story in a different way a logo can, but both have something to say!

I believe in the power of storytelling and in getting you and the people around you engaged in compelling ways.


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